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Today is labour day. All civil workers got holiday.Maybe some of you don't know what is Buddy Support System (BSS). This for PPSMI teachers to achieve their abilities in english language. Some PPSMI can teach science but not good in English...including me.But for primary level especially in rural areas you have to use english in easier way.....You must put your level as their level....the most important is to make your pupils understand the science and maths concept. Last night my friend suggest me to write english in this blog....and i ask why. He said i have best friend from Germany, so how she can share my story?I never realise this....whatever i am trying even my english is broken. So to dear my beloving sisters including Kak ATY, family, pupils, and friends...please don't laugh at my poor grammar.I hope my friend HEIKE will have time to visit my blog. She can write novel, already have one but in Germany language. She have give me some in english by cassete...and her story was nice...an adventure story about fortune treasure in egypt. Okay....lets start with pictures. i want to share with u some but i don't know how to attach its explaination...so you can describe them by your self.You can ask any question later in comment or shoutmix .

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